dot.jpg  2012
   Jan.  Be awarded "Excellent R&D Research Center".
   Jul.   Be awarded "Jiangsu Technology-based Private Enterprise".

dot.jpg 2011
   May.  The most advanced PC film production line was located in OMAY.
   Aug.  Production of high transparency optical PC film & sheet started.
   Sep.  University-industry cooperation between OMAY and Jiangnan University started.
   Oct.   Strategic cooperation between OMAY and TEIJIN started.
   Dec.  "Jiangsu PC film R&D center" established.

dot.jpg 2010
   Mar.  National standard of PC film & sheet drafted by OMAY.
   May.  Evaluated as the company of "AAA" credit rating.
   Jun.   Be awarded the title of credit enterprises.
   Aug.  Suzhou OMAY optical materials co. ltd. established.
   Nov.  Suzhou OMAY PC film research center established.
   Dec.  “奥美" obtained the title of “Jiangsu well-known trademark“ and "Suzhou famous trademark".

dot.jpg 2008
   Aug.   Non-halogen high flame retardant PC film developed.

dot.jpg 2006
   Nov.   Non-halogen flame ratardant PC film developed.
   Dec.   Be awarded ”Jiangsu high-tech enterprise".

dot.jpg 2005
   Sep.   Environmental flame retardant PC film developed.

dot.jpg 2003
    Apr.   Suzhou OMAY optical material co. ltd. established.