dot.jpg  2012
   Jan.  Awarded "Excellent R&D Research Center".
   Jul.   Awarded "Excellent Jiangsu Technology-based Private Enterprise".

dot.jpg 2011
   May.  The most advanced PC film production line allocated in OMAY.
   Aug.  High transparency optical PC film & sheet successfully developed.
   Sep.  University-industry cooperation between OMAY and Jiangnan University initiated.
   Oct.   Strategic cooperation between OMAY and TEIJIN initiated.
   Dec.  "JiangSu PC film R&D center" established.

dot.jpg 2010
   Mar.  Appointed as chief drafting unit of the <National standard of PC film & sheet> by the National Standardization Management Committee.
   May.  Evaluated as a company of "AAA" credit rating.
   Jun.   Awarded the title of "Credibility enterprises".
   Aug.   Suzhou OMAY optical materials co., ltd. established.
   Nov.   Suzhou OMAY established China's first PC film research center .
   Dec.   “奥美" obtained the title of “Jiangsu well-known trademark“ and "Suzhou famous trademark".

dot.jpg 2008
   Aug.   Halogen-free high flame retardant PC film developed.

dot.jpg 2006
   Nov.   Halogen-free flame ratardant PC film developed.
  Dec.   Awarded ”Jiangsu high-tech enterprise" by office of science and technology of the JiangSu province.

dot.jpg 2005
   Sep.   Environmentally-friendly flame retardant PC film developed.

dot.jpg 2003
    Apr.   Suzhou OMAY optical material co., ltd. established, became the first optical-grade PC film manufacturing company in China, which made China the world's forth country capable of producing transparent PC films after the USA, Japan and Germany.