dot.jpg OMAY'S IDEA
PEOPLE                      OMAY people, human resource development, personal orientation, career
HEART                        OMAY heart, have a heart, be concerned
RATIONALITY            Rationality, theory, ethics, forbearance, tolerance
EMOTION                   Emotion, perception, sensation, practical, practice
ESSENCE                    Essence, substance, originally, face
APPEARANCE             Appearance, form
CONSCIOUSNESS     Consciousness, perception, understanding, discover, find
KNOWLEDGE             Knowledge, ask
THOUGHT                  Thought, dare to think, associate, create
WORK                        Keep working, keep practicing

· Be a good man before you do the right deeds.
·  Teamwork.
·  Sincerity.
·  Be thoughtful.
·  Be active, do not passively wait. (more subjective, less objective)
·  Do right things, do things right.
·  Communication, coordination.
·  Less questions, more solutions.
·  Are you “Am I” ready?
·  Quick response, do it right the first time.


No.1      Work hard today, harvest the future.
No.2      Details represent success, attitude decides everything.
.3      A man without foresight must have near sorrow.
No.4      One roll of PC film wasted is equal to 500kg pork; which is equivalent to a year’s harvest of a farmer.
No.5      Learn more, teach more, more inspection, more confirmation.
No.6      Product quality, execution.
No.7      No unsatisfied staff, only the undutiful leadership.
No.8      OMAY, navigator of PC film.
No.9      The only way you can not choose is give up; the only way you can not refuse is growth.
No.10    Precious on insist, win on execution.
No.11    OMAY’s duty: to strengthen the national industry and make unremitting efforts.
No.12    OMAY’s core value: honesty, cooperation, innovation.
No.13    OMAY’s vision: build OMAY into world’s largest PC film production base.
No.14    OMAY’s strategic target: OMAY – China’s first PC film stock.
No.15    OMAY’s management philosophy: customer satisfaction is the pursuit of OMAY.
No.16    OMAY’s spirit: Win is to fight.
No.17     The most valuable information: complaint.
No.18     Colleagues are resource, colleagues are teachers.
No.19     Crisis creates innovation, lean manufacturing creates benefit.
No.20      Resolve the crisis, win the opportunity.
No.21      Appreciate others, becoming yourself.
No.22      Work is the way in workplace, perception is the way of buiness.
No.23      Do it, don’t miss it.
No.24      You can learn from everyone.
No.25      Never give up, never give in.
No.26      Three rules in dynamic management: key person, key matter, key point.
No.27      The answer to resolve problem: must be in the ' field '.
No.28       A little bit of progress every day.
No.29       Ordinary people, ordinary heart, ordinary matter.
No.30       Unlimited passion, vitality OMAY.
No.31       Attitude determines everything, enthusiasm makes dream come true.
No.32       Don’t change the world, only change yourself.
 Please say it.
NO.34      OMAY people are all specialists in overcoming difficulties.
NO.35      Did I take initiative today?